Fri 15 Mar, 2024 - Sat 16 Mar, 2024

Caged Time: Strip and Echo of Nothing

In this double-bill of tense one-act plays, a prisoner is interrogated by an indomitable force of oppression, leaving the detainee questioning reality and battling for their last shred of humanity. Caged Time is an existential boxing match, a metaphysical game of chess, a duel with language.

Do you want me to tell you about my first time?

I was so nervous.

But then I realised the worst thing that could happen is that I would die.

Which meant I had nothing to lose.

A cell. A prisoner. A figure of authority. An idea. A question. A threat.

Caged Time: Strip and Echo of Nothing is is the fourth production from Silent Gutter, a theatre company focused on new writing who empower Northern voices and amplify their stories in worlds that swerve from the familiar to the fantastical.

Past productions include: Playtime (Edinburgh Fringe, Hope Street Theatre), Professional (Hope Street Theatre), and 12×8 (Liverpool Theatre Festival).

“Oliver Back continues to show tremendous skill in putting words on a page that can’t fail to create intensity on the stage.” – Good News Liverpool

“The most exciting company at the moment on the Liverpool theatre scene.” – Opening Nights

Produced by

Silent Gutter

Written by

Oliver Back

Strip directed by

Emma Turner

Echo of Nothing directed by

Harry Machray
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Venue Space

The Studio


1 hour 5 minutes

Ticket Prices

Tickets from: £5.00

Age Guidance

Suitable for 14+


Strong language, nudity, themes of violence, sexual references.

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