Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 July

Open Up

This is it, the doors are open. This place IS YOURS so TURN UP and OWN IT. FREE - no need to book.

Dive into a weekend of joyful moments, made just for you. Come when you want, stay til you want and tell us what you think.

On Saturday there will be dancing and DJs, drama, drums and drawing. There will be raves and rappers, talkers and stilt walkers. On Sunday there will be tours, crafts and the chance to explore. All the doors will be open, go wherever you want. Have a good nosey round. Everyone is welcome; welcome to be who they really are and what they would like to be.

The whole weekend has been co-curated by Ashleigh Nugent, a local lad who suffered police harassment in Prescot and spent time in a Jamaican prison, but was inspired by the arts to become the person he really was. Now an award winning author, playwright and rapper, Ashleigh works in prisons and in communities delivering authentic and cutting edge arts programmes that change lives for the better. The whole weekend is bold, daring, honest and a protest against anyone who ever doubted us.

You can share your hopes and dreams, seal them in a candle and then on Sunday night, artist Abigail Conway will bring us together for a beautiful and mesmerising moment. The Candle Project culminates with a candle burning ceremony accompanied by community choirs. The candles are set alight with your dreams for the future inside, participants will be welcomed back the following day to chip out the messages of hope as a memento of the weekend.

It’s going to be a very special weekend. We hope you’ll be there.

Curated by

Ashleigh Nugent & Shakespeare North Playhouse

The Candle Project by

Abigail Conway

Supported by

Arts Council England

Venue Space

Admission is FREE, no need to book. Meet us at Shakespeare North Playhouse


All day (from 10am Saturday and 12 noon Sunday)


FREE admission   There will be activities and events taking place throughout the day. Please note that during busy times we may need to ask you to queue for specific activities or you can explore the rest of the activities and come back later.