Tabbron Award Honors Outstanding Contributions at Shakespeare North Playhouse

Wed 13 Dec, 2023

Shakespeare North Playhouse celebrate the first annual Tabbron Award!

Today marked a historic occasion at Shakespeare North Playhouse as the Tabbron Award was presented for the first time, recognising individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the theatre.

The award, established by Ian Tabbron, aims to celebrate those who embody the values of Shakespeare North Playhouse and actively contribute to its mission.
The ceremony brought together the dedicated staff, volunteers, and freelancers of Shakespeare North Playhouse, creating a tradition that promises to endure for years to come.

Louise is in a yellow jumper holding the tabbron award with both hands. she has short white hair and is smiling at the camera.

Out of the six outstanding nominees, each representing the core values of the Playhouse, Louise Wardale emerged as the recipient of the Tabbron Award. Wardale’s unwavering commitment and embodiment of the spirit and mission of Shakespeare North Playhouse distinguished her as the standout candidate in the eyes of the selection panel.

David, Louise and Dave sit on a sofa holding their awards. Two people stand behind them.

In addition, the exceptional efforts of David McDermott and Dave Woodward were also acknowledged with highly commended recognitions.

The full list of nominees were: Joe Harrison, Roksolana Krykus, David McDermott, Emily Parr, Louise Wardale and Dave Woodward.

The Tabbron Award ceremony provided an opportunity for the Shakespeare North Playhouse community to come together and celebrate the achievements of both individuals and teams throughout the year. The event not only highlighted the dedication of the staff but also emphasised the importance of fostering a culture that values and recognises excellence.

The Tabbron Award has established itself as a symbol of excellence at Shakespeare North Playhouse and will be continued for years to come.

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