We aim to offer as many accessible options as possible and will schedule regular British Sign Language interpreted, captioned, audio described with touch tours, and relaxed events.

When you look through our What’s On section, accessible events will be clearly labelled. Here’s a quick guide to what each of these terms means.

Accessible Events

These performances are provided for those whom British Sign Language is their first language. The sign language interpreter will usually stand to one side of the stage and interpret the words spoken or sung in real time.

This is a live, verbal commentary that explains what is happening visually during the performance that Blind or partially sighted people may need to understand and enjoy the show. You listen to the commentary by using a personal headset that we will provide.

A relaxed performance means the show has been adapted for people who might need a more relaxed environment when visiting the theatre. This can mean that the performance has been changed to reduce loud and sudden noises, strobe lighting etc and that the lighting in the seating areas is not as dark.

These events are open to everyone but are designed for people with learning disabilities, autism or sensory sensitivities in mind.  They are perfect for anyone who, for example, benefits from being able to make a noise or leave and return to their seat multiple times.

We have sanitised Sennheiser receivers that can be used with either headphones or small personal induction loops, all of which you can borrow during your visit. The receivers give you access to the digital radio frequency system in the theatre space and for audio described events. The induction loops can be used with hearing aids.

These performances are provided for anyone who would benefit from reading along with a text version of its spoken and audio elements (for example, users who are deaf, hard or hearing, or have difficulties with audio processing).

For captioned shows, screens displaying the text will be positioned around the theatre.