Fri 22 Nov 2024 - Sun 5 Jan 2025

Alice in Wonderland 2024

Follow the white rabbit into the Cockpit Theatre next Christmas, and lose yourself in the magic of the forest. Hurry though... or we’ll be late for the tea party.

Alice has always told her children tales of her adventures in a far far away world, not that they believe her… at this point, even Alice has begun to doubt whether she’d really lived that daydream. But one Christmas Eve, caught in the chaos of last-minute shopping, a flash of white lures Alice back into an all too familiar world… 

Wonderland has fallen into the terrible rule of the Duchess, the cold, hard successor to the Queen of Hearts. Memory wiping jam tarts and informant eggs report everything back to the powers that be. Alice’s old friends, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat need her help once again to restore freedom to Wonderland.

Alice is more bothered about making sure that Christmas isn’t ruined in her absence.  

Her friends, it seems, are up to their old tricks. If she’s any chance of getting back to her family in time for Christmas morning she’s going to have to take a dive into wonderland’s underbelly, and face its trickiest force yet… Join Alice, and all your Wonderland favourites, in a festive flurry of mischief and wonder.

Produced by

Shakespeare North Playhouse

Written by

Nick Lane

Image Design by

Alfred Mulroy
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Venue Space

Cockpit Theatre

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Tickets from: £3.00

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