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No Coward Soul

In the midst of a painfully amicable divorce, one woman strives to survive alone.

Why must everything be so difficult?

Quotes from North West End UK Review 

“…she cleverly and wittily explores what she perceives society is throwing at her… 

She is an expressive performer and her writing has an undoubtedly intended lyrical quality which takes the audience on a journey where judging by the laughter most if not all snippets were easily recognisable 

Quote from Sam Freeman (their show was shared alongside this previously)

It’s a one woman show about a separation, faith and divorce and about the potential isolation that brings.

Sounds depressing right?

Apart from no – it was extraordinary – it’s episodic, and she plays every character and it’s incredibly funny, but also smart – she morphs into each character, at the core it’s a woman’s story of emergence, of finding herself but by playing the supporting cast as large, and bold and exaggerated you get something that is, remarkably, very funny but also touching and quite moving. 

Quotes from audiences… 

I’ve been thinking about this show every day for the last week… such an evocative and emotionally resonant piece, and so uncomfortably relatable… 

So funny and so touching in equal parts. Reminded me of Victoria Wood at her best… 

…truly captures the spirit and faith of a person navigating themselves in a society of expectations… 

Such a raw and honest account 

Emotionally articulate, funny, heart-warming, engaging 

It was poignant, hilarious, raw, emotional, vulnerable, true, and the audience hung on every single word. You could feel the energy in the room. 

…a bravura performance

Produced by

Emily Parr
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