Our Town’s Sound

Our Town’s Sound is a year long heritage project focusing on how language has developed over time in the local areas of Prescot, Knowsley and Merseyside.

Inspired by the idea that Shakespeare is credited with creating / adding 750 different words and phrases to the English language (including Bedroom, Bedazzled, Eyeball, a wild goose chase, and even the first ever knock, knock joke), we will uncover how language has changed in the area.

Working with local community groups, members of the public, local schools and artists we will discover the answers to questions including;

What words and phrases are unique to the local area?

How are words passed down through generations?

How do new words appear / come into existence?

How does where we live shape our language?

Why do some words change their meaning?

There will be loads of different ways to get involved whoever you are so watch this space for upcoming events.

The first of these is an open day on Saturday 27th of April where there will be a chance to learn more about the project with our partners Buzz Hub and Act for Action as well as getting involved in some fantastic workshops and sessions.

Produced by

Shakespeare North Playhouse
Tickets on sale

General on sale: Thu 23 May, 2024

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